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Spanish – Course details

Before any of the public group cycles begin – a no charge preparation lesson must be attended and studied at least 1 week before any of the public group cycles starts. 

I will teach you chapter (1) one of the course and demonstrate to you how my methodology works in breaking new frontiers in acquiring outstanding speaking skills. Even if you are not able to attend a 12 week course – I encourage you to still do the free live preparation lecture  with me – as I am delighted to start you off with sowing the seeds of a strong foundation of rhythm development and impeccable sentence construction which is critical to lay down initially – as your own foundation stone. Then we will be able to harvest an abundance of perpetual result orientated outcomes leading to inevitable victory. I will also get you to feel immense enthusiasm and unrelenting determination with your desire with Spanish. I will instill in you, unwavering belief in your own infinite potential – as belief is truly the thermostat that regulates what you will achieve in your pursuit to be a competent Spanish speaker.
I look so forward in helping you to reach into the deep ocean of unlimitless Infinite possibilities that resides within you and to witness the unfolding of your desires being fulfilled. 
To divorce any false story of your limitation and marry the truth of your unlimited capacity.

The preparation lesson

Remember to book your preparation lesson at least a week before any cycle starts.

The preparation lesson can be done on any  Wednesday evening at 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm or any Saturday at 13:00 pm to 15:00 pm or Sunday at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

If you prefer to come through for the free demo during the week – morning or afternoon, please contact me directly to set up a private demo lesson. Call us on tel:011 887 4009
We require 48 hours’ notice for all bookings. There is a Google map of the location of the academy on the button -contact us – on the website, or let me know where you will be coming from and I’ll send you easy directions.    

Spanish – Course Dates and rates

All public group cycles are 12 weeks

The 12 weeks R8000 – Includes all materials and certificate on completion.
(30 hours of tuition R266.00 per hour)
I personally teach the public groups.
12 students max.

When I have filled the seat placement, I close the intake and start a waiting list. If there are any late cancellations. I inform the students on the list.

The reason we have such small classes is that I can give much more attention to each individual. That’s another reason why my clients always achieve so much more than other students who do much longer courses elsewhere. At the Spanish Academy South Africa, we provide an unprecedented unique methodology enabling our students to develop accelerated speaking skills to stratospheric levels surpassing all your expectations.

We provide the combination to open the vault of your brains infinite resources saving you years of study  – versus the laborious – self-sabotaging academic textbook approach – which is used by other educators – which ultimately leads to your capitulation and demise.

The sheer delight I receive from your success is infinitely greater than the delight you will experience in having that success – in breaking new frontiers, in you having astounding conversational generosity –  becoming prodigious Spanish speakers. 

You are always welcome to pre-book and register your place with prior payment ensuring your seat. So many students are hugely disappointed as they waited too long to reserve their placement and there is no availability for them. 
Procrastination is indeed opportunities natural assassin. 

The bank details will be sent to you for reserving your seat allocation when you request.

The first two people to join any group cycle will each receive a R1000 discount

2020 – February public group cycles  (12 weeks)

The Monday evening beginners group cycle will start on the 17th February 6.30pm to 9pm 

The Saturday morning beginners group cycle will start on the 22nd February 9.30am to 12pm

2020 – June public group cycles (12 weeks)

The Monday evening beginners group cycle will start on the 1st of june 6.30pm to 9pm 

The Saturday morning beginners group cycle will start on the 6th of June 9.30am to 12pm

2020 – September group cycles ( 12 weeks)

The Monday evening beginners group cycle will start on the 7th September 6.30pm to 9pm 

The Saturday morning beginners group cycle will start on the 12 September 9.30am to 12pm

VIP Private tuition Spanish course – other locations

For those of you that want to start ASAP, or not with an upcoming group cycle, there is the option of private tuition.
All our teachers are from Spain and are prodigious teachers that will surpass all your expectations. Being taught by a native Spanish speaker has insurmountable value for your ear training.

This VIP course allows you or your party to start at any time, at either our:
Highlands North Branch run by Slade
Sydnam branch (15 min from Rosebank or Sandton) run by Anna. Anna is unequivocally and categorically at the very pinnacle of the educational field of Spanish. Her authentic Spanish accent will have incalculable value for your ear training. Anna is also the head of the British international school Spanish department in Johannesburg. 

Rates vary depending on how many people you are inquiring for and are also dependent on your status i.e. high school student /university or adult.

Please contact me to let me know these details and I will give you a price structure and the contact details of all three branches for this option.
If you require that a teacher travels to your home or office – inform me of that special requirement – and I will relay the information to you once I have received your information on the number of people in your party and the location of where the teaching will be held.

Each private cycle must be completed in a 6-month time frame.

To purchase the Spanish e-course

I encourage you to do the live demo download situated at the bottom of all the pages of our website. It is a two-hour lecture (chapter one of our book). It’s just as if you are in class with me. It comes with a pdf booklet.

For those that are not able to physically attend class, you do have the option to purchase the next 11 lectures and full pdf manual to download and study from the comfort of your home or office it’s just as if you’re having the live class experience. R9,500.00.


Terms & Conditions.

By registering for the Spanish Course, you expressly acknowledge and agree to these terms.
Once payment is received, no refunds will be given irrespective of the reason. However, cycles that have been cancelled can be redone with no extra charge within a six (6) month period.
Our e-Course will be given to those students that are unable to complete the cycle, free of charge.