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Spanish LessonsMy name is Slade, founder of The Spanish Academy in South Africa. 22 years ago I started the Spanish Academy teaching a methodology that has been giving my students enormous delight. Our intimate Spanish classes allow beginners the opportunity to learn conversational Spanish and make travelling to South America, Spain and other Spanish countries so much more exhilarating as you travel to some of the most beautiful countries of the world.

If you want to know how we teach Spanish in South Africa and want to get started on your Spanish lessons on a solid foundation that will truly release your potential. Contact us and learn Spanish today and we will give you a free 2-hour Spanish lesson.



Spanish Teacher
Sofia Adarvo is one of our Spanish teachers from Columbia and has made Johannesburg, South Africa her new home. She is passionate about teaching and has been successful leading our private classes for South African families, business travellers, young adults, and children looking to learn Spanish.  She is a trustworthy Spanish translator and her warmth makes beginners feel right at home in her Spanish classes.




Spanish Teacher

Aumari Martinez was born in Maracay, Venezuela. Throughout her illustrious career, she has travelled to many South American countries such as Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Argentina using Spanish as her first language.She moved to South Africa in 2010,  she has joined the Spanish academy last year and has proven to be an excellent mentor for people wanting to learn Spanish.  She has a passion for everything Latin and enjoys teaching Spanish to groups, individuals, and corporates. She also translates business documents and provides tourism translations services.



Spanish Teacher


Nikki Benedict was raised and lived in Malaga Spain for 19 years. At 17 she started teaching language skills as well as document translations for small business. Her interpersonal skills with adults and children are exceptional. With such enthusiasm, creativity, patience and endless energy, it is indeed a privilege to have Nikki on our team.